About Us

For three quarters of a century, DURO Tire has enhanced tire performance both on and off the road.

Whether diving thru corners, ripping thru mud, or cruising the highway; our tires will boost your performance and experience. This commitment to excellence is deeply seated within our complete line of tires and tubes.


Our first tires and tubes hit the market in 1945 with a focus on providing more durable products for bicycles. Our comprehensive product line has since expanded to include powersports, passenger vehicles, golf carts, lawn and garden applications, trailers and industrial applications.


Through continuous research and development DURO Tire continues to advance rubber compounds, evolve tread patterns and fine-tune production techniques.


The DURO Tire brand is division of Hwa Fong Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. which is a Taiwan based rubber manufacturing company offering production capabilities on a global scale for original equipment, aftermarket and replacement markets.
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